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EATfunctional was created by seasoned researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to revolutionize the food industry by making available the benefits of two breakthrough patented technologies developed by two of our founders.

The first technology is an industrial-scale high-yield sprouting process of soybean (YASO), pulses, and seeds. This solution can create a healthy, sustainable, and affordable new plant-based protein source that eliminates all the issues around human consumption of traditional soybean-based food.

The second technology enables us to incorporate any Biological Active Ingredients (BAI) (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, L- carnitine, etc.) into sprouted seeds (wheat, rice, corn, legumes, etc.) in an optimal amount. This way, food producers can create novel functional food lines to reduce disease risk for specific groups of consumers.

We are offering our patented technology and the knowledge we accumulated over the past decades to food industry players. We can support them in introducing exciting high business potential new product lines that address the latest industry trends. We are also looking for partners who represent us in specific markets.




Healthy – unique nutritional value and health benefits

Increasing health consciousness among consumers and the rising vegan population are driving the sprouted grains and seeds market. Due to their high demand, new products are launched daily in the sprouted grains and seeds category.

Sustainable – lower environmental footprint

Industrial animal-based protein production is no longer sustainable due to its adverse environmental effects. YASO, as meat-equivalent protein production, can be achieved using ten times less water to produce eight times more protein.

Affordable – cost advantage

To fight increasing food prices, YASO enables producers to offer meat-equivalent nutrition value for half of the cost of traditional protein sources. YASO can be quickly introduced in more than 20 different product categories tailored for any market, and our functional food solution uses resources with the highest efficiency.

Available – food security

Food security is an emerging challenge worldwide. It becomes harder and harder to provide sufficient and accessible food for everyone. Soybean is storable for a year. It is still relatively easily accessible from the market. YASO technology eliminates all issues around human consumption of soybean-based food. YASO is an ideal raw material in most segments of the food industry. YASO as a raw material or YASO-based ready meal that offers meet equivalent protein source can be stored for years, providing the opportunity to dramatically reduce vulnerability caused by today’s hectic global food supply chain.

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1. Healthier

• they are rich in complete protein

• higher in dietary fibre

• higher in Vitamin C,E,K

• higher in minerals

• higher in GABA (gamma amino butyric acid)

• higher in omega-3 fatty acid

• sprouted ingredient

It contains less

• meat (meat can be substituted by YASO up to 40 %)

• calories

• saturated and total fats

• cholesterol

2. Excellent and easily adjustable taste profile

3. Affordable price

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Functional food


• Natural/holistic process

• All in one – tailor made complex solution for functional foods

• The big advantage compared to current solutions is that the bioavailability of the incorporated biologically active components (“organic” form) in foods is significantly improved compared to dietary supplements or fortified foods with the same component.

• Arbitrary bioactive material composition can be achieved, for any selected functional food consuming groups.

• The solution also makes it possible that independently from the original composition of the used sprouted raw materials and compositions carrying the given function contain all scientifically approved active materials (vitamins, minerals etc.) in optimal quantity and quality (or in justified case, even in higher concentration) could be obtained by incorporation.

• Patented (Novel raw material for Functional Foods and process for the preparation thereof EP Patent No: EP 2 908 664)

• Growing market (CAGR 9.5% between 2021-2028 Fortune business insight, 2021)

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Scientific background of soybean sprouting

Bartalné-Berceli M., Izsó E., Gergely Sz., Jednákovits A., Szilbereky J. and Salgó A.: Sprouting of soybean: a natural process to produce unique quality food products and additives. Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops and Foods, 8(4):519-538. 2016 Wageningen Academic Publishers, Review Article

This review summarizes the general physiological and compositional changes that occur during the germination process in soybean. The benefits of a strictly controlled short-term germination process and the potential of an innovative sprouting procedure are discussed. The patented germination technology provides the highest quality soybean product as a raw material, which can be used in a wide range of food industry.

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Monitoring of soybean germination process

Bartalné-Berceli M., Izsó E., Gergely Sz., Salgó A. (2022): Monitoring of soybean germination process by near-infrared spectroscopy. Acta Alimentaria (online first) DOI: 10.1556/066.2021.00232

The germination process was monitored with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) based on changes in the amount, status, or character of the water. NIR spectroscopic measurements combined with sophisticated chemometric methods are capable of detecting and monitoring complex physiological processes such as germination in real-time.

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Novel, value-added bread product with YASO

Bartalné-Berceli M., Izsó E., Gergely Sz., Salgó A. (2018): Development and application of novel additives in bread-making. Czech Journal of Food Sciences, 36(6): 470–475.

Novel, value added bread product was developed using YASO with improved nutritional value (higher protein, dietary fibre) and with the same sensory properties compared to control bread in industrial scale.

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Rheological properties of YASO containing bread products

Bartalné-Berceli M., Izsó E., Gergely Sz., Salgó A. (2021): Effects of special additives in wheat dough system measured by Mixolab technique. Czech Journal of Food Sciences, 39(6): 460-468.

Yaso in grinded form was tested in bread dough systems in three different concentrations (10, 30, and 50 %). Rheological differences were sensitively detected by the Mixolab technique in the mixed dough. Based on Mixolab curves, optimal level of Yaso was detected as 30%.

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Several new, premium quality, value-added, YASO-based healthy food product lines have already been developed with high protein content as reference products corresponding to the market demands and trends. Recopies and full technology descriptions are available for our clients. Beyond the below-listed examples, we can provide full service in developing and technologizing any YASO- based food products customized according to your needs.

Plant based products with sprouted soybeans

• Tofu

• Vega burger

• Vega bites

• Meat free sausage

• Pate

• Ready to eat products

• Soybeans in tomato sauce

• Roll

• IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) soybeans

Dairy free products with sprouted soybeans

• Tofu

• Soymilk

• Yoghurt

Gluten free products with sprouted soybeans

• Gluten free crackers

• Gluten free crisps

• Gluten free roasted protein snack

• Gluten free vitality blend

• Gluten free porridge

• Gluten free pasta

Healthy meat products with sprouted soybeans (partial meat replacement)

• White sausage with meat

• Grill sausage with meat

• Burger and bites with meat

• Smoked dry sausage with meat

• Other products with meat”


What do we offer?


License for using our two patented technologies to produce top quality and healthy food products

• Soya bean food product and compositions comprising thereof EP Patent No: EP 2 358 219

• A novel raw material for Functional Foods and process for the preparation thereof EP Patent No: EP 2 908 664

You can access recipes of award-winning market-ready reference products and custom product development tailored to the needs of your market by our experts, knowledge (know-how) transfer, engineering, and business consultancy services, education, and support.

Become part of our success as local VALUE-ADDED DISTRIBUTOR

We are looking for partners who represent us in specific markets. Our ideal Value-Added Distributor has a strong network in a particular geographical territory in the food industry. We offer high potential world-class intellectual property, a service portfolio, professional and scientific support, and an attractive financial package.


We are open to participating in joined Research and Development projects related to our patented technologies. Mutually beneficial cooperation in local knowledge and technology transfer is also welcome.

Our experts

Merthus Bezemer

Merthus Bezemer

Business Development, Commercial issues

• More than 25 years of experience as manager and executive
• 12 years in the floriculture sector
• Former CEO of Floramedia, with activities in the plant industry in more than 20 countries
• Runs projects of digital marketplaces for flowers and plants and setting up new retails initiativess

Andras Salgo

Prof. Dr. Andras Salgo, DSc

Academic Relations, Science Issues

• Professor emeritus
• Former head of Department of Applied Biotechnolgy and Food Science, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
• 48 years experience in education and research in food science
• More than 150 scientific articles, 2000 citations, Hirsch index=22

Janos Adam

Dr. Janos Adam, PhD

Customer Care, Technology Transfer

• Plant production and plant physiology expert with over 10 years of professional experience
• Horticultural Engineer, Expert in Plant Protection, with a PhD from Crop and Horticulture Science
• Vertical farm technology specialist, experienced project manager in the fields of R&D, innovation and AgriTech
• Experienced in food safety and food security topics and quality systems

Jeno Szilbereky

Dr. Jeno Szilbereky, PhD

Strategic Partnerships

• Chemical engineer and pharmaceutical researcher
• Significant experience in research, product development, commercialization of products and innovative company management
• Owner of Sinnex Ltd. a producer of natural health products
• 21 scientific publications, 34 patent and patent applications

Andrea Jednakovits

Dr. Andrea Jednakovits, PhD

Product Development

• Pharmacist and pharmaceutical researcher
• She directed the research and development activity of Biorex pharmaceutical research company.
• Expert in research coordination, product development and IP
• 21 scientific publications, 15 patents


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